Dear Business Owner,

We know you get hit up for donations all the time. Honestly, we wish we didn't have to ask.

But we do. We're asking you to become a Glencoe Sponsor. We are the Glencoe School Foundation, representing the 500+ students at Glencoe Elementary School. One glance at the evening news and you know that public schools in Portland are under-funded. To keep pace with the needs of our students, we hold an auction every year. It is our largest and most important fundraiser. All funds raised go directly to help students. There are no administrative or other costs to dilute the impact of your tax-deductible donation.

This last year, funds raised paid for:

  • On-Site IT Tech Support
  • a Part-Time Reading Specialist
  • a portion of the salary for a Full-Time Teacher

We're proud of Glencoe. It is an excellent school. And we're proud of our community and its members who step up to help us deliver a solid, well-rounded and complete education for this young generation. We would very much like to add you to our list of wonderful, brilliant and mighty sponsors.

In return for your generosity, we will sing your praises every chance we get in an effort to bring you new and loyal customers. Word-of- mouth endorsements are a powerful thing. Their message does not get lost in the flurry of ads we all see every day.

We hope you'll find the room in your budget and your heart to become a Glencoe Sponsor.

We’d love to start promoting your business as soon as possible. Commit today and we’ll get started right away!