Five ways helping Glencoe School kids can help you.

Let’s be honest. This is a fundraising plea.

There are over 500 kids at Glencoe Elementary School who need your help. We’re asking the Glencoe community to pitch in to meet our fundraising goal of $80,000 and make a big difference in their lives.

Your generosity will help our kids get a high-quality, well-rounded education. As their ally, you will help cover the cost of:

  • - A part-time reading specialist to build indispensible reading skills;
  • - IT Tech Support to bolster computer skills that will serve these kids for their entire lives;
  • - A portion of a full-time teacher’s salary – the core of our top-notch education.

As you can see, your tax-deductible donation will go straight to where it will make a positive impact on these young lives, giving them a strong start on a bright future.

We are offering our help in return.

  1. We will recommend your business/organization to the hundreds of families in the Glencoe community
  2. We will sing your praises online and in social media
  3. Your name will be prominently included at our fundraising events
  4. We will encourage Glencoe families to become your new and loyal customers
  5. You’ll have the gratitude of our entire community and a great word-of-mouth boost to your marketing and outreach efforts.

Please help. Your donation couldn’t be more needed or more important.

We’re asking for donations to be submitted by Friday, January 24, 2018, in time for our auction on February 24, 2018. Please fill out the Donation form. Why not send it now so you don’t have to worry about missing the deadline? ;)

Questions? Contact Staci Rosman, 2017-18 Glencoe Auction Procurement Chair. You can reach her at or 503-939-3587.

Thank you from Glencoe School, its students and their families. Thank you very much.