What is the auction? Why do we have it?!

Our annual auction is the major fundraiser for the Glencoe Foundation. Money from the Foundation pays for critical staffing needs at our school – past examples include a portion of a full-time teacher, reading specialist, IT support and counselors. Our fund raising goal for the year is $80,000.

Auction 2018 Event Detail

Saturday, February 24, 2018 Doors open at 5:30
Dinner about 7:30
Where: The World Forestry Center - Miller Hall
4033 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland, OR 97221 - in Washington Park

Auction Wish list 2018

We already have a great list of items going for your bidding, but we are looking for some other key things from our generous and creative Glencoe parents!

Sporting Events: Does your family have season tickets to the Winterhawks, Timbers, or to the Blazers? Would you be willing to donate seats for a game for the 2018-19 year?

Arts and Crafts: Calling all painters, jewelers, potters, woodworkers, crafters and artisans of all sorts! We are looking for donated pieces of artwork and hand-crafted items. Or teach a class to kids and/or parents.

Vacation Homes: Does your family have a second home at the coast or possible a place at the mountains? Do you have a place out of state that you would be willing to donate a weekend or more to another Glencoe Family?

Special Skills: Do you enjoy baking or cooking? Would you be willing to cook or make bread a couple times a year for one of our families? Do you enjoy arranging flowers? Would you be willing to donate a couple of arrangements throughout the year? Do massage?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Staci Rosman, Procurement Chair, at 503-939-3587 or email her at msstacisngr@yahoo.com

Wine Club Members!

We are looking for group wine tastings, which are very popular at the auction! Check with Glee Rogers or Tiffany Munk to see if your winery is already on board or how they can be!

Interested in helping the day of the event or with something else but not sure what? Contact Staci Singer